Access to HE: The next steps to University

At University

The support you will get at Uni

Being at University...

...can sometimes be tough and you may need a little help. Don’t forget that we’re here for you! We’ve put together a list of services that we, as a University, provide…


For when you need that little bit of extra help..
Student services encompass all the guidance teams that you would need as a student, including: Student Help Desk, Accommodation services, Residential Life , ASSIST, Counselling services, Chaplaincy and Financial Guidance.
If you would like to contact student services for guidance on any of the above, visit here


For when you need some serious academic advice.
Personal tutors, handbooks, student help desks — you name it, we’ve got it. We want to help you to achieve the best degree that you can - we’re rooting for you! Check out this dedicated page


For when you need some library goodness!
The skills hub can help with referencing, academic writing, time management and dissertations. Anything that can help you to complete that pesky assignment that’s been plaguing you for months — you’ll find it here!


For when you want to build up your skills.
This is a free, online course designed for first year students that allows them to improve their study skills, develop their academic confidence, and gain and understanding of what is expected when you study for a degree. It also allows you to develop greater independence as learners, and achieve better grades. Basically, it’s a how-to guide for passing a degree! Find out more here


For when you want to get employed.
We, as a university, want to prepare all of our students for post-university life which means we want you to have the employability skills that you need to thrive. The Changemaker team gives students a chance to volunteer, take part in work experience or get part time jobs – all to build up their CVs. Visit their portal for more information.


For when you’ve earnt that money.
If you work hard, we want to reward you. We have a range of financial awards available for prospective and current students to help with the financial pressures that can come with being a University student. Have a look and see if you’re eligible here


For when you’ve got a cracking business plan!
If you’re interested in anything relating to business, entrepreneurship or enterprise, this is the club for you. It offers business advice and access to social events to help you become an entrepreneur/business owner worthy of The Apprentice! To become a member visit here

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